The Daughter’s Duty

Shuree has always been the perfect khan’s daughter, obeying and supporting her father, even if she doesn’t agree with him. So when he is massacred in an ill-fated raid, she must step up to lead her people. But will others accept the peace she knows they so desperately need?

Determined to stop the cycle of endless violence with their neighbouring tribes, she journeys to the people who murdered her father, begging for his body to be returned, and demanding a truce. The Rhoran tribes have warred against each other for generations and trust is an illusive commodity.

When Shuree wins the favour of the khan’s son, they convince the khan to meet with the other Rhoran tribes to discuss harmony and order. But with tensions tighter than a bow string, will he abide by the cease-fire, or take the opportunity to slaughter all his enemies at once?

Can Shuree change long held beliefs and bring everlasting peace to the land, or will she fail in her final duty to her father and make her tribe more vulnerable than it’s ever been?

The Daughter’s Duty is the exciting prequel in the Emperor’s Conspiracy fantasy series. If you like reluctant heroes, high-stakes tension, and desperate, last-ditch efforts, then you’ll love this amazing novella.

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*** Previously published in the Fantasy Realms: Warlord, Witches and Wolves anthology ***