The Emperor's Conspiracy

Hi! Just a quick note for you. The Emperor's Conspiracy was originally published under the pen name Claire Boston. So if you bought it when it first came out, firstly, thank you! and secondly you will notice the books now have the pen name Claire Leggett on the cover. The books themselves are exactly the same, just the author name is different. Claire Boston now publishes just contemporary romance and romantic suspense whereas Claire Leggett delves into the fantastical.

The Daughter's Duty


Shuree has always been the perfect khan’s daughter, obeying and supporting her father, even if she doesn’t agree with him. So when he is massacred in an ill-fated raid, she must step up to lead her people. But will others accept the peace she knows they so desperately need?

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The Assassin's Gift

Book 1

As an imperial princess and an assassin, Lien lives by three rules: never disobey the emperor, never reveal her secret gift, and never trust a barbarian.

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The Healer's Curse

Book 2

She’s their only hope. If only she could wield the power to save them…

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The Servant's Grace

Book 3

A tyrannical ruler. A hidden heir. Can a simple handmaiden save her realm from doom?

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